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Life 264 Promo

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Life.264 was written by former Director of the Department of Youth and Culture, Mr Dwayne Adams and Mr. Crispin Brooks. Mr. Crispin Brooks also directed, produced, shot and edited the series. Narration at the end of each episode was done by Bishop L. Errol Brooks. Each episode in the series captivated the audience’s attention, as senior students of the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School demonstrated their acting skills with a level of professionalism and finesse.

Their depiction of the circumstances that lead to gang violence and the general contours of violence in the Anguillian context came off as an accurate portrayal of reality. Each episode portrays a different aspect of the problem of gang violence, its impact on the individual, families and society as a whole. All episodes deliver a mix of entertainment, coupled with subtle but powerful messages that encourage young people to avoid violence and pursue other methods of conflict resolution.

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